Blood Ties (Robin of Sherwood story)

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Title: Blood Ties
Author(s): Lisa Mudano
Date(s): 1991
Genre: gen
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
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Blood Ties is a gen Robin of Sherwood story by Lisa Mudano. It contains a single illo by Holly Bird.

It was published in The Sacrificial King.

Author's Comments

One of the things that has always fascinated me about Richard Carpenter's telling of ROBIN OF SHERWOOD Is the number of deeply Christian characters whose lives he has integrally woven Into what Is so obviously a pagan story. As Carpenter tells it, Robin Hood was the quintessential "sacrificial king" — at the same time priest and ruler, chosen by the Horned God to be His Son and represent the potential divinity In every mortal man.

The Irony comes Into play when we realize that while Robin of Loxley was raised In the Old Faith, and as a result, has at least an instinctive understanding of the role he is called by Heme to play, others like Marlon — and later Robert — have no way of comprehending the parts fate summons them to assume. The Christian Church during this time actively sought to suppress all knowledge and practice of the pagan faiths. As a result, until coming to Sherwood, Robert and Marlon would likely have known of Heme the Hunter only In the guise of the Christian Devil. Up until now, I have concentrated my ROBIN OF SHERWOOD writings on Marion and her role as Goddess-on-Earth. But when I was approached about creating a tale for THE SACRIFICIAL KING, my thoughts turned surprisingly not to Marion, but to Robert. How does a Norman noble, raised in the Christian faith, really cope with the idea of his own divinity? Do any of them ~ Robert, Marion, or even Friar Tuck ~ really understand that the God must continually die and be reborn, even as His Goddess endures? And finally, what happens when the God has chosen poorly, and His Son — for whatever reason — is simply incapable of fulfilling the role He has been called to play?

Thus was "Blood Ties" born. While some of the words may be uncomfortable to hear, they are my words, and they speak to truths integral to my life and faith. Approach them with an open mind and an open heart, and if this bard has done her job, perhaps they will touch at least a spark of truth In your own life. Blessed be.