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Name: Bleach Lists
Owner/Maintainer: Bleach Lists Girl (BLG)
Dates: June 19, 2012 - June 30, 2018
Fandom: Bleach
URL: Tumblr, Archive link
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Bleach Lists was a Tumblr dedicated to short, primarily humorous fanworks featuring the characters from the Bleach manga and anime series. Beginning on June 19, 2012, the site updated regularly with new content multiple times a week by its owner, Bleach Lists Girl (BLG) until going on hiatus in 2018.[1]

Unlike many tumblrs, which featured reblogging from other creators, almost all of the content on Bleach List was written by Bleach Lists Girl. However, many of the prompts were submitted by readers. Other regularly occurring series included characters reacting to various ships, two characters locked in a room with each other, a Q&A session with a particular character, and author's choice.[2]

Representative Excerpts

"Bleach characters doing impressions of each other"

1. Renji does an impression of Byakuya

Renji: [standing very straight, gazing into the sky]

Renji: It’s…………the PRIDE SIGNAL

Renji: I must go.

2. Byakuya does an impression of Yoriuchi

Byakuya: I am Yoruichi. My hobbies include tag, keep-away, and tormenting teenage boys for my own sadistic pleasure.

Byakuya: What’s this? My phone is ringing.

Byakuya: [holding hair piece to ear] Ring ring. Ring ring.

Byakuya: It is Urahara. He wants something. I had better do it. Too bad. I had so much tormenting to do today.

3. Yoruichi does an impression of Urahara

Yoruichi: I’m just a simple shopkeeper!

Yoruichi: By the way, here’s a list of deadly things I need you to do for me!

Yoruichi: I have to go! I think I see a kitty over there!

4. Urahara does an impression of Grimmjow

Urahara: [flailing at the air]


5. Grimmjow does an impression of Ulquiorra

Grimmjow: Darkness. Pain. I am alone.

Grimmjow: Woman why

Grimmjow: Heart

6. Ulquiorra does an impression of Orihime

Ulquiorra: I have so many feelings.

Ulquiorra: I believe in my friends.

Ulquiorra: I am not afraid.

Ulquiorra: [twirls around]

Ulquiorra: Friendship. [3]

"Fans ship you with Ichigo. What is your reaction?"


Ishida: For the last time, soul reapers are my enemy!

Rukia: Just because I sleep in his closet and he looks like my dead crush doesn’t mean I have feelings for him!

Chad: …no problem.

Renji: If it’s in a threesome with Rukia, then okay.

Byakuya: No.

Hichigo: …..which one of us would be the horse?

Grimmjow: Hope he’s masked. Otherwise I might break him.

Ulquiorra: What is….shipping?

...Ikkaku: He should be so lucky.

Kenpachi: Can I fight him first?

Aizen: I’ve been stalking him since he was born. I devoted considerable energy to making him as strong as possible. So yeah. I can see it.[4]

"Byakuya drunk texts"

1. To Renji (at 1 AM)

renji renji great idea Renji

admiral seaweed HATS

2. To Renij (at 2 AM)

no i don’t think you understand i mean hats with admiral seaweed on them or maybe in the shape of him


3. To Renji (at 3 AM)

people will get to have admiral seaweed on their head renji their head

4. To Renji (at 3:10 AM)

why aren’t you responding

dob’t you love me

..8. To Rukia (at 4 AM)

am i a good niisama

...13. To Ichigo (at 1 AM)

i know everybody else has moved obn

but you turned into a HOLLOW in front of me

like wtf [5]

Related Fanworks

  • Readers occasionally created fan art of scenes enacted in or suggested by Bleach Lists[6].
  • At Nebraskon 2012, Kyle Herbert, the English voice actor for Aizen Sousuke, read the "Aizen pickup lines" lists at the request of a fan[7].