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Video Game Fandom
Name: Blaseball, Internet League Blaseball
Abbreviation(s): ILB
Developer: The Game Band
Release date: July 2020 - Current
External links: Blaseball
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Internet League Blaseball is a collaborative online baseball simulation, with horror and fantasy elements. Seasons happen from Monday to Friday, where teams play 99 games and then go into the postseason on Saturday. Players bet on teams to earn coins that can be spent on votes to change the nature of the game in the next seasons.

Canon Overview

There are 24 active teams in Blaseball, each with its own dedicated fanbase. These teams are separated into four divisions across two leagues: the Mild High, Mild Low, Wild High, and Wild Low.

Major Characters

Entities and Gods


The majority of the fanbase can be found on the official discord server, affectionately referred to as “maincord”. Each team has dedicated channels on the main server, although some create side-servers, like The Crabitat, in order to foster a greater sense of community. A sizeable chunk is also on Twitter, due to the official twitter tweeting in-character as The Blaseball Commissioner.

Fan Works


Fan Art

Fan Animations

Fan Music

Fan Sites

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