Black Leather Rose

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Title: Black Leather Rose
Author(s): Julia Stamford
Date(s): 2002
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Black Leather Rose is a Blake/Avon Blake's 7 story by Julia Stamford.

It was originally printed in the zine Fire and Ice #7.

Reactions and Reviews

Quite sweet little seduction scene followed by a coda which would be the promise of a happy ending if we didn't all know what was coming next Very B7 in that way.[1]
Another one where Blake seduces Avon with wine and niceness. This time the specific kinks are a bit too specific by which I really mean a bit too not-my-Avon for me to fully go along with (Blake as servant? Not really), and I'm not sure how we can say 'I didn't know you liked leather' to Avon (even if we italise 'like') without it sounding like a joke. Unless this is series 1, but I assume series 2 instinctively (since they know each other better/would be more likely to shag), so I would have liked more signposting (just to make that reference work? Well, it is fairly important to the fic). In general, it's well done and I like the Vila-related ending.[2]


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