Black Gold

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Black Gold
Author(s): Saul & Lyn
Date(s): 2006
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Black Gold is a Sentinel story by Saul and Lyn.

Reactions and Reviews

This is a post-TSbyBS, 'Jim throws Blair out after a misunderstanding' story. Naomi arrives at just the right (or wrong) moment and takes him away; and then Simon tells Jim that a background check by the Academy has revealed that Blair Sandburg, born May 24, 1969, had died ten days later. This is a brilliantly crafted story. It could be called an AU, except it follows after the events of the fourth season. It gives Blair (and Naomi) a whole new, and unexpected, background. Readers who like Naomi probably won't like this story; it's definitely evil!Naomi, with a good and supportive William to balance that; and yet, in some ways, by the end it's hard not to feel ever so slightly sorry for Naomi.[1]


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