Black Girl Charmed

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Title: Black Girl Charmed
Created by: Jonnelle & Rae
Date(s): 2021-present
Focus: Pop Culture, Meta discussions
Fandom: Charmed and some Multifandom
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Black Girl Charmed is a podcast hosted by Jonnelle and Rae where they watch every episode of Charmed and discuss it and other aspects of pop culture.

In later episodes, alongside continuing to watch and comment on Charmed, they begin to include other shows and more elements of pop culture to their commentary.

On 20 December 2023, the official description read:

Unlock the nostalgic allure of the early 2000s hit, "Charmed," with Jonnelle & Rae. Dive into this beloved series as their podcast expertly combines pop culture, black girl perspectives, West Indian influences, and a dash of enchanting witchery. Whether you're a lifelong devotee or a curious newcomer, join us as we rediscover the magic of "Charmed" in a way that speaks to everyone!

Episode List

Season 1 Episodes of Black Girl Charmed
Episode Number Release Date Title Fannish Topics Include Direct Link
1 November 1, 2021 Something Wicca This Way Comes Charmed, I Know What You Did Last Summer X
2 November 8, 2021 I've Got You Under My Skin Charmed X
3 November 15, 2021 Thank You For Not Morphing Charmed X
4 November 22, 2021 Dead Man Dating Charmed X
5 November 30, 2021 Dream Sorcerer Charmed, Ableism X
6 December 7, 2021 The Wedding From Hell Charmed X
7 December 15, 2021 The Fourth Sister Charmed X
8 February 2, 2022 Truth Hurts Charmed X
9 February 9, 2022 The Witch Is Back Charmed X
10 February 16, 2022 Wicca Envy Charmed X
11 February 23, 2022 Feats of Clay Charmed, The Mummy X
12 March 2, 2022 The Wendigo Charmed X
13 March 9, 2022 From Fear to Eternity Charmed X
14 March 16, 2022 Secrets & Guys Charmed X
15 March 24, 2022 Is There A Woogy In The House? Charmed, Law & Order X
16 March 30, 2022 Which Prue Is It Anyway? Charmed X
17 April 6, 2022 That 70's Episode Charmed X
18 April 13, 2022 When Bad Warlocks Turn Good Charmed X
19 April 20, 2022 Out of Sight Charmed X
20 April 27, 2022 The Power of Two Charmed X
21 May 4, 2022 Love Hurts Charmed X
22 May 11, 2022 Deja Vu All Over Again Charmed X