Black Fangirls Unite

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Name: Black Fangirls Unite
Date(s): November 2012 - present
Fandom: multifandom
URL: Black Fangirls Unite, Archived version
Wayback created 2018-06-13
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Black Fangirls Unite is a multifandom Tumblr dedicated to celebrating black characters and creators in fandom, promoting black fangirls, and discussing issues that impact black women in fandom.


It’s not just tv. It’s not just a comic, a movie, a whatever. The problems addressed here have long impacting effects on the black community, especially black women. Look here at the doll test. Little black boys and girls grow up hating themselves. It is serious. Nothing we do is pact away in a bubble. Fandoms do no exist in a fairy tale land where everything is pretty and perfect and rainbows and no tears.

Get your head out of your ass and take a seat somewhere in the back if you can’t understand this.

Anyway, this blog is not only about discussion sad things, its about celebrating being a black fangirl, promoting one another and having fun. This is a safe community that includes all black women, neurotypical and neuroatypical, cis and trans, het and queer, from trekkie to anime nerd to superwholockian, everyone has a home here.[1]

Black in Fanfiction

Black Fangirls Unite established the Black in Fanfiction collection on Archive of Our Own in May 2016. This open, moderated collection is for fanworks that center black characters as protagonists. As of June 2018, it contains over 200 fanworks.


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