Bitter Honeymoon and Other Stories: The Amorous Adventures of Dyan Ardais

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Title: Bitter Honeymoon and Other Stories: The Amorous Adventures of Dyan Ardais
Publisher: Thendara House Publications
Editor(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date(s): January 1982
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Darkover
Language: English
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front cover by Linda Leach

Bitter Honeymoon and Other Stories: The Amorous Adventures of Dyan Ardais is a 41-page Darkover anthology of fiction edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

The front cover is by Linda Leach, the back by Amy Harlib.

The zine features the character Dyan Ardais.

Ardais' Popularity

In 1980, Diana Paxson wrote:

I've said before, we receive more Free Amazon stories than all other stories put together (... MZB, who has to read them all, says [that most of them have the same plot]) — MZB recently quoted the following from a letter she wrote to Don Wollheim:

[Bradley]: Only one plot even comes near, in popularity, to the Standard Free Amazon Plot, which Diana and I have begun to call Subject A: Free Amazon meets a Man She Can Trust, and thus is enabled to give up a little of her cherished freedom.
[Bradley]: Second most popular as a theme for amateur stories is "How did Dyan Ardais manage to father a first son?" I got five of them. One was unprintable. All were gloomy and tragic.


... Bitter Honeymoon and Other Stories contains four variations on the Dyan Ardais theme (the printable ones mentioned).

[Bradley]: I ought to add in my version of the theme. It is neither gloomy, tragic, nor obscene... but then I have known a great many homosexual men, and while they may not have as many children as the other kind, they do have children... and oddly enough, many of them make reasonably good fathers. [1]


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