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Synonyms: tanjoubi-seki, tanseki, birthday seat, shimakado
See also: space, shima, haichi, doujinshi convention
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Otanjoubi-seki (お誕生日席, otanjoubi seki) literally means "birthday seat". In the context of Japanese doujinshi conventions, this term is used to indicate the spaces at the corner of a shima (rectangular block of tables). The otanjoubi-seki usually isn't any bigger than the regular spaces, but because there is more room at the corners for fans to gather in front of the space, the otanjoubi-seki is often assigned to fairly popular circles who are likely to attract a small crowd. The otanjoubi-seki is also called "island corner" (島角, shimakado). (Some people differentiate between these two and use "shimakado" for the spaces at the very edge of the corner tables, while "otanjoubi-seki" are the spaces in the center of the corner tables. However, most seem to be using the two terms interchangeably.) [1]


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