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Pairing: Bilbo/Bofur
Alternative name(s): Boffins, Bilbofur
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: The Hobbit
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Low but not rare[1]
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Bilbo/Bofur, also called Boffins or Bilbofur, is a noncanonical slash relationship mostly found in Hobbit movieverse. It is a relationship between the hobbit and a dwarf of Thorin's Company, Bilbo and Bofur and is the second largest Bilbo ship after Bilbo/Thorin.


The first mention of the pairing was suggested on the hobbit kink meme. Prior to the Hobbit films, Bilbo/Bofur was a non-existent pairing. People began shipping them due to scenes in An Unexpected Journey where Bofur is protective and kind towards Bilbo. The first fic on AO3 to feature the pairing was on 21 December 2012 where they were a secondary pairing to Thorin/Thranduil. [2] On the same date, the first standalone Bilbo/Bofur fic was uploaded to AO3. [3]

Fandom Tropes

  • Shire life-In many fanworks, Bofur moves to the Shire after the events of the Quest to be with Bilbo. Fics often have themes of domesticity and are fluffy in nature. They are sometimes married.
  • Love on the Quest-Fics in which Bilbo and Bofur fall in love during the events of the quest. Usually a friends to lovers trope.
  • Love Triangle-Bofur is sometimes written as part of a love triangle between himself, Bilbo and Thorin. There are various outcomes depending on the story, but Bofur sometimes ends up starting a romantic relationship with Bilbo after Thorin's death.
  • Fluff-Works in general featuring Bilbo/Bofur are generally very fluffy owing to both characters being good-hearted and generous.

Example Fanworks

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