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Name: Beyond Evolution
Owner/Maintainer: Denaill
Dates: August 2000 - 2022
Type: fansite, fanworks archive
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Current site design

Original site design
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Beyond Evolution is an X-Men: Evolution fansite. The site has remained static since October 10, 2008, until going down in late 2022. It could be used as a canon resource and a fanworks archive.

Site History

"...Beyond actually started out as an offshoot of a Kitty Pryde site that I used to run called "Pryde of the X-Men". Since Kitty was going to be a member of the new cartoon I had a section for Evolution. But I liked the show so much it soon outgrew being merely a Kitty Pryde thing and Beyond was born. The site has been up and running (in one form or another) for over four years now. But I don't think it would be what it is today without the help and support of so many of you X-Men fans out there."[1]

January 4, 2004, the site became hosted by Toon Zone.[2]

On November 22, 2004, Denaill announced that the site will no longer host fanfiction, due to not being able to keep up with it.[3]


  • News, Guides, General Info, Site owner - Denaill
  • Screencaps, Wallpaper and Avatar Creator - Meri
  • Video and Imaging - Tate (Kataclysm)
  • Video Encoder - Alvin
  • Profiles and Romance - Brent


  • Avatars
  • Comics
  • Episode Guides
  • Fanart
  • FanMail
  • FAQ's
  • Fashion Guide
  • Humour
  • Image Gallery
  • Link Us
  • Merchandise
  • Music
  • Polls
  • Poll Archives
  • Profiles
  • Questions w/ Boyd
  • Questions w/ Greg
  • Quotes
  • Romance
  • South Park X-Men
  • Staff & Credits
  • Video/DVD
  • Video Clips
  • Wallpapers


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