Between Good & Evil

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Title: Between Good & Evil
Creator: Tany (aka rebdomine)
Date: Feb 2006 & July 2006
Format: WMV
Length: 4:11 minutes
Music: Requiem for a Dream
Fandom: Harry Potter
Footage: Goblet of Fire
URL: original vid announcement & remake announcement
vidder's title card

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Between Good & Evil is a Harry Potter fanvid by Tany that focuses on the events in the Goblet of Fire movie. It was reviewed by Ariss Tenoh on June 30, 2006 at the reel vidding community. In July 2006, after being reviewed, the vidder re-edited the vid to include "Harry Potter parts 2,3 and 4 with some old scenes from the original fanvid."


  • "I thought this worked so well,the change in tempo,and the intensity of those final scenes mixed together."~feedback at vidder's LJ announcement.
  • "Great job on the vid! The editing especially at the end really fit the music, and you chose all the best action-y bits! That Cedric death scene just kills me everytime, tho." ~ feedback at the vidder's website.
  • "A very nice vid that showcases thematically the story in GoF...The vid was well-constructed and I could find no faults in it save for the dark quality of the vid since it's obviously not taken from the dvd. A remake of the vid using dvd footage would make perfect." ~feedback at the reel review.