Beneath the SurFace (A-Team zine)

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Title: Beneath the SurFace
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Publishing
Date(s): October 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: The A-Team
Language: English
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flyer: "Coming Labor Day 1998"

Beneath the SurFace is a slash 136-page A-Team Dirk Benedict-themed anthology.


  • Just Another Night by Claire
  • The Long and Winding Road by Sugar and Spice
  • Broken Wings by Hope
  • Beneath the Surface Blues by T. Roubles
  • Ghost of the Past by Mimi
  • The Rescue by T. Roubles
  • A First Time for Everything by Ace
  • The Valentine's Day Affair by T. Roubles
  • The Ties That Bind by Shadow
  • Just Desserts by Ms. Terry
  • My Heart Will Go On by Dreamweaver
  • Guilt Trip by Ms. Terry

From an Online Flyer

A First Time for Everything by Ace "Hands off Murdock. Let's take it slow okay" "Okay, anything you want. I want your first time to be special." "Just don't rush me hmmm?"

Broken Wings by Amanda Bogardus "Murdock," I call and he responds from the distance. Carefully, I hold out my arms. He's there in an instant, hugging, crying - letting go. Now, I'm the one lost in memories.

Guilt Trip by Ms. Terry Still being held in the warm embrace, Hannibal looked up just in time to see Peck standing at the door of the large sound stage, staring at the unexpected scene he was witnessing. He could tell by the troubled look on Tem's face that he had seen enough to draw his own conclusions. While disengaging himself from Rita's arms and trying unsuccessfully to hide the rings he had been exhibiting, the flustered colonel blurted, "Face, what are you doing here?"

My Heart Will Go On by Dreamweaver Now, as Face sat by his companion's bedside, worrying if his over would survive this tragic incident, the strands of a hauntingly beautiful melody touched his ears. As he listened to the heartrending lyrics, he found himself remembering how the man lying before him had filled an emptiness in his life, an emptiness that had followed him through childhood and into his young adult years.

The Rescue by T. Roubles There was one heart-stopping moment when a large tree branch swept down on the man and child in the water, then at the last moment, just as Face saw the danger and tried to change direction, it was whirled away by an eddy in the current. Hannibal's groan of anguish was echoed in the young woman's scream of fear...and he had to hold her back from plunging into the water. The self control not to do the same made his hands shake, but it would do no good and maybe even worsen the situation. He had to be ready to help Face.

Just Desserts by Ms. Terry "Tem..." warned Hannibal and was immediately cut off again as Face covered his mouth once more with breathtaking efficiency and began a more intense exploration of his lover's mouth. Hannibal could feel Face's tongue trailing around to lick down his jawline and he shivered as the younger man began to nip along his neck and chest. " you trust me?" Face asked suddenly as he sat up on the bed. Smith laughed at the sudden unexpected question. "Well, now, that all depends," he replied still a little breathless.

The Valentine's Day Affair by T. Roubles Picking up the almost empty bottle of wine, he took a swallow to wash down the sweets he'd eaten then handed it to Hannibal. "Pity, it`s getting warm," he said absently. "It`s not the only one," murmured Smith, taking another long swallow before putting the bottle on the floor. "Hmm?" Face asked, trying to decide whether to eat any more of the delicious sweets. "I said, the wine isn't the only thing that's getting warm," Hannibal whispered, edging closer. Peck opened his eyes in pretended alarm. "You think we're running out of air?"

Beneath the Surface Blues by T. Roubles "All those years, all those scams I pulled, they must have all been laughing at me. I used to feel guilty now and then when I'd pulled what I thought was a great scam - like getting those concert tickets so I could impress a girl I was keen on." He laughed and Smith winced at the bitterness in it. "And all the time...Barry had pulled the biggest con of all, cheated me out of a home...and a family."

Just Another Night by Claire The soft touch of the semi-tropical air against his bare skin reminded him insidiously of his dream – of sunlight caressing his face and eyelids, of hands sliding up his torso to touch his face, of eyes that couldn't possibly be that color… With a muffled curse, Hannibal tore himself away from the tantalizing mental image. He was shaking, as much with shame as passion, because he had allowed his mind to betray him again. It was going to be one of those nights, when every sound and sensation reminded him of what he could not have, and he stewed helplessly in his own thwarted needs.

Ghost of the Past by Mimi "Apparently, your memory has provided our mysterious benefactor with an identity. Care to fill me in?" Face turned away from Hannibal, his eyes searching the steady waves rolling onto the beach below the restaurant. "He was someone I ran across back in 'Nam, my first CO." That brought Hannibal up short. As far as he knew, he's been Face's first, and only, commanding officer in Vietnam. It was rare that Face ever pulled the wool over his eyes, but apparently the handsome conman had done just that - for fifteen years.

The Ties That Bind by Shadow Face frowned sourly. Hannibal was having entirely too much fun with this gift. The lieutenant thought himself very clever for coming up with something so ingenious, and personal, a present. He had expected the colonel to be totally delighted, maybe whisk them back to their current house and have a wild erotic night, but Face was starting to worry. Uh-oh, he's plotting something.

The Long and Winding Road by Sugar and Spice. Murdock! Hannibal suddenly realized as the orange juice hit his empty stomach along with the Tylenol. With a guilty sigh, Smith realized he hadn’t shown up with Face as promised. It wasn’t as if he had done it on purpose. Something unexpected had come up.


The soft voice from the hall entrance caused him to lose his trail of thought as he looked up at the new arrival. Hot mouths pressed against each other, touching,caressing, exploring. Unbidden desires so long buried, suddenly breaking loose to pull him under the tide completely...Face stood across the room in nothing but his jeans from the night before.