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Newsletter Community
Name: Being Human Daily News
Date(s): created on 2009-02-23 - last updated 2009-05-16
Moderator: bh_newswatch, jinxed_wood
Fandom: Being Human
URL: Being Human Daily News

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Being Human Daily News was a fandom newsletter for the show Being Human.


The community was updated every day from the day it opened on February 23 to May 4, then May 6 to May 11th. For the updates for May 12-13th and May 14-15th, the community rounded the days two at a time. Although the site has not updated since, it remains up.


Featured sections on the News sections:

  • Off LJ - articles or website news anything outside of LJ
  • Fanfiction
  • Fanart and icons
  • Fandom Discussion
  • New Communities, websites and Challenges
  • Fanvids
  • Fanmixes
  • Reaction Posts - fans reactions to episodes