Beholden to the Earth

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Title: Beholden to the Earth
Editor(s): Lynne Levine
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Alien Nation
Language: English
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Beholden to the Earth is a gen 98-page Alien Nation anthology.

The cover art is by Dana Lajeunesse and interior art by Donell Meadows.



Back in the spring of 1990, I was stunned to hear that Alien Nation had been canceled. This was, in my opinion, the best new show I'd seen on television in many years. It just didn't seem possible that such a high quality show could be canceled. I followed the rumors — that Alien Nation was coming back, that it wasn't coming back, that there would be two wrap-up television movies. When the television movies were nixed, I realized that the only way to keep the show alive would be to write my own episodes. I started writing Alien Nation stories and sharing them with friends who also missed the show very much and were starved for new material. Eventually, I decided to do a zine, and put out a call for submissions.

Hopefully, this is just one of the many Alien Nation zines that wil be created in upcoming years. I believe that the only way we'l ever see Alien Nation return in any form is by keeping the fandom alive.

I wish to dedicate this zine to the cast of the television series. Alien Nation, for portraying their characters with sensitivity and with chemistry rarely seen on television, to the writers of the show, for producing week after week of excellent scripts, and most of all to Kenneth Johnson for having had the vision to make it all possible.



  • Toward Freedom by Lynne Levine (The story of Keira, a secret rebel on the Tenctonese slave ship. The author writes that Keira was inspired by the character of K'Ehleyr from Star Trek: TNG.) (5)


  • Untitled, poem by M.J. Raven (18)
  • Legend by Lynne Levine (Uncle Moodri explains the origin of the binnaum system to Emily.) (19)
  • Earth Day, 1995 by Lynne Levine (Several characters attend an Earth Day celebration.) (22)
  • Homework Assignment by Lynne Levine (Emily writes about her earliest memories.) (25)
  • In Search Of Taste by Dana Lajeunesse (Junk food means different things to Matt and George.) (27)


  • Reconciliation by Lynne Levine (After the series finale, Matt and Cathy make up their differences.) (29)
  • Crosney by Pat Merritt (To save his partner from a cursed Tenctonese child, Matt must sacrifice his whole life.) (33)
  • All I’ll Ever Need by Ursula Boyle (Cathy tells Matt about an old lover.) (59)
  • Finding A Home by Lynne Levine (Buck finds it increasingly difficult to deal with humans and human prejudice.) (61)
  • Survivors by Lynne Levine (A continuation of the previous story. Buck and his friend Sal grow closer, while Matt and George chase a killer.) (76)
  • Music Lesson by Lynne Levine (Cathy has a very personal request for Matt.) (85)
  • Chains Of Love: The Final Resolution by Ellen Gustafson (Marvin Gardens (from the episode "Chains of Love") questions his sexuality when his feelings about Matt Sikes continue to linger.) (89)
  • Interruptions by Lynne Levine (An unexpected visitor interrupts Matt and Cathy's evening together.) (95)

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