Beco Diagonal

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Name: Beco Diagonal
Date(s): 2003-
Type: news, fanfiction, message board
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Beco Diagonal (usually abbreviated to BD) is a Harry Potter message board and news portal (and eventually archive) in Portuguese.


Beco Diagonal is a Brazilian portal created on July 31, 2003, with the fusion of Expresso de Hogwarts and Potterland (the BD forum went online a little earlier, on March 22).

In 2005, BD suffered a major crash due to hosting problems and lost nearly all its data; the site lost a great deal of its userbase while struggling to get back on its feet. In 2008, BD launched Harryoteca, its fanfiction archive.

The portal and its attached forum are still active, with both news and fics posted frequently.