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Dates: 200? - present
Type: multi-author fanfiction domain
Fandom: popslash
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Because-yes is a domain, maintained by Chased_Amy (between_names on Livejournal), that hosts a number of popslash author sites.

Its name derives from a popular JC Chasez quote.

Sites hosted include:

Underneath the Disco Ball, fanfiction by Chased_Amy

Kittenfic, fic by Slimslash and Without Me

InsideOut, fanfiction by Jeska

Last Night, fanfiction by Rachel (a.k.a. visionshadows)

Heroes and Hangovers, fanfiction by Strandia

The domain also hosts several themed archives, most notably a JoLa themed rec list, The Archive of Archives and Get Your Story Straight, a list of pop!het recs.