Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast fanclub newsletter)

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Title: Beauty and the Beast
Editor(s): Deb Hense
Date(s): March 1988-?
Frequency: four times a year
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Beauty and the Beast is a fanclub newsletter and letterzine published out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

It was published four times a year: March, June, September, and December.

The first issue was published in March 1988.

Issue 1 (v.1 n.1)

Beauty and the Beast 1 was published in March 1988.

Layout staff: Beth Adams, Patricia Adams, Marck Hernandez, Eileen Hartwig, Deb Hense, Kevin Lair, Barbara Sargent, Janet Schmidt, and Mary Schmidt.

"This issue is dedicated to Richard "Kip" Carpenter—a man who appreciates his fans and responds to them wholeheartedly."

  • Introduction to the Club Vice President, Janet Schmidt (3)
  • Contest 1: Name That Fan Club (4)
  • Contest 2: Name That Newsletter (4)
  • Introduction to the Club President: Deb Hense (5)
  • Interview with George R.R. Martin (7)
  • Letters of Comment (15)
  • Bits and Pieces (15)
  • Illustration of Catherine by Beth Adams (16)
  • Merchandise List (17)
  • Episode Guide (19)
  • Contest 3: Identify a Poem (22)
  • Advertisements and Penpals (25)
  • Standard Policy and Addresses to Write (28)

Issue 2 (v.1 n.2)

Beauty and the Beast 2 was published in June 1988 and contains 28 pages.

Issue 3 (v.1 n.3)

Beauty and the Beast 3 was published in September 1988 and contains 30 pages.

Issue 4 (v.1 n.4)

Beauty and the Beast 4 was published in December 1988 and contains 36 pages.