Beautiful Disaster

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Title: Beautiful Disaster
Author(s): thenxyie
Date(s): 2009
Length: 96,941+ words
Fandom: J2
External Links: series on LJ; podfic version

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Beautiful Disaster is a RPS J2 AU story written by thenxyie. The story was accompanied by a fanmix by moraergana (currently on Youtube here)[1] and also inspired fan art (see gallery below) and several fanvids: one by TheAlexbronte (viewable here) in 2012 and one by kitkat2988 (viewable here) in 2013. The story was also translated into Russian by evenover here (offline).

SUMMARY: 'Jensen’s the lead guitarist in the number one rock band in the country. Justin’s the lead singer, and they’ve been doing this together since middle-school, been together since just after high school. As on top of the world as they are, Jensen’s starting to become disillusioned with the lifestyle and his crumbling relationship with Justin. And then he meets a new roadie on the crew named Jared who’s got a voice like an angel and a heart to match."


"OH MY GOD IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I really should have known. Really. But thenyxie is RIPPING MY HEART OUT. AGAIN. I have spent ALL day reading Beautiful Disaster...I’m at the end, and I’m in Pain with a capitol P. I’ll let you know if I survive."[2]
"Thenyxie takes the reader on an emotional ride in this wonderful story about how getting everything you dreamed about can tear apart the things and people you love. Sometimes finding happiness is accepting what you need to let go."[3]

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"HOLY CRAP, THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING PODFIC I'VE EVER LISTENED TO! Chemm80 has a really great way of reading and voicing her characters, and I found myself laughing, crying, and just being awed by her performance throughout, that's not even mentioning Nyx's amazing talent as a writer - that's pretty much a given if you've ever read any of her work - BUT CHEMM80 - OMG - SHE MADE THE FIC COME TO LIFE. What I thought was so amazing about this podfic was the way Chemm80 incorporated the music and audio into it, going so far as to SING parts of the story which is just...way too cool. The story is about a rock band, and by podficcing it with all the music, it just makes it an amazing experience. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHO JARED OR JENSEN ARE, YOU SHOULD STILL DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO THIS."[4]

Fan Art Gallery

Below is a small sampling of the extensive fanart created for this story.

Additional art


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