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Fan Comic
Title: Bear Hunt
Artist: Big Pink
Date(s): 2006-2007
First Published:
Medium: online
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: Bear Hunt Season 1 and Bear Hunt Season 2
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Bear Hunt is a comic by Big Pink. In 2006 she visited the filming locations of Season 1 Supernatural in Vancouver, posing with a Snuggle Bear, an ad character for a fabric softener. She then assembled the photos into an online comic where Sam and Dean are hunting a demonic Snuggle Bear. The inspiration for the comic came from episode 1.12 Faith where Dean, while in hospital, watches a Snuggle commercial on TV, and testily announces: "Uh... I wanna hunt that little bitch down." (no explanation for the animosity is ever given on the show.)

In September 2007 she released a second edition, showing Snuggle Bear at filming locations from Season 2.

A third comic was planned featuring Season 3 shooting locations, but was never published.

Big Pink described the experience: "The looks we got, carrying around a freakin' Snuggle Bear and snapping photos of it in public places, sometimes stopping traffic to do so…"

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