Bay City Library Interview with Starsky's Strut

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Bay City Library Interview with Starsky's Strut
Interviewer: Wolfpup
Interviewee: Starsky's Strut
Date(s): September 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Starsky & Hutch
External Links: interview is here, Archived version
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In 2007, Starsky's Strut was interviewed for the Bay City Library.

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Some Excerpts

We didn't have a TV in the family home for many years since the one we had broke and never got fixed. So, when I was about 13, I snuck out and bought a little black and white TV with my babysitting money. I could only watch it after everyone else was asleep and late one night I came across a S&H rerun. The episode was "Shootout." I was hooked, even though I'd missed the first ten minutes... It had everything to do with "Shootout." The chemistry, friendship, loyalty, banter, and humor. The way Hutch was so kind and sweet to his injured partner and how poor Starsky valiantly tried to help out anyway he could. (Sniff) It was so wonderful. Of course it didn't hurt that the actors were both so very handsome, too. That episode pulled me into that small black and white screen, and that's where I stayed.
Surfing the Net late one night in February of 2004, I stumbled upon this strange thing called fanfiction. I followed link after link and voraciously read nearly every S&H story I could find -- I am first and foremost a reader. It never crossed my mind to write; okay, it did, but writing had been a dreaded subject when school writing assignments had been handed out. One day I had an idea for a short story, and in June of 2004, I took the plunge, wrote and posted it. To my total shock and surprise, people liked it.
Action stories, drama and humor stories are fun and usually flow easily off the keyboard. I also like to write hurt Hutch stories, which is strange, me being a Starsky girl and all. I just can't seem to hurt Starsky, though I manage to, sometimes. I think, however I've found my niche in writing hurt Hutch stories.
For advice, I'd have to say, write for the fun of it, 'cause if it ain't fun, what's the point? A parting thought is that, in my lifetime, I never imagined I'd write anything or travel anywhere, let alone internationally. But since stumbling across Starsky & Hutch fanfiction, I've done both. In the words of my friend Kreek, "My world of black and white S&H has turned wonderfully colored." I hope it does the same for each one of you, too.