Battle Rat

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Title: Battle Rat
Author(s): The Spike
Date(s): December 2000
Genre: crossover
Fandom: Iron Chef/X-Files
External Links: Battle Rat (Nonie Rider's Slash Page)

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Battle Rat is an Iron Chef/X-Files crossover by The Spike.

Notes: "For the LBD challenge -- too little and too late, but I wanna be on that page with you all!"

Summary: Don't look at me—I'm hideous. *Hideous*

Recs and Reviews

Because it's just bizarre enough to work: An Iron Chef/XF crossover of sorts. Battle Rat by The Spike had me choking on my less-than-gourmet lunch with some imagery that's weird and possibly a little ill, but if you're like me with a yen for Iron Chef and a taste for the Ratboy, this is just the thing to tease the palate.[1]


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