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Name: Baraag
Date(s): April 2017? – present
Founder: satori/koi
Type: Mastodon instance for art and text
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Baraag is a Mastodon instance focused on sharing art, especially sexually explicit art. Notably it specifically allows loli, shota, and graphic violence, but disallows any real-life photographic pornography.

Baraag is created by Satori (also known as koi) and supported by Patreon contributions.

It has been promoted as a safe haven for content of "problematic" ships.[1]

While primarily focused on artwork, there has also been a good amount of short-form fic published on Baraag, as well as commentary/meta.[2]

As of November 2022, Baraag is only visible to logged-in users as federation is disabled for the time being; the admin is working to bring it back online.


In the runup to the Tumblr NSFW Ban in December 2018, Baraag's userbase grew from around 2,000 to almost 5,000 in less than a week.[3]

As of September 2019, there were 23,461 users, of which approximately 7,880 were active.