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Name: Baraag
Date(s): April 2017? – current
Founder: satori/koi
Type: Mastodon instance for art and text
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Baraag is a Mastodon instance focused on sharing art, especially sexually explicit art. Notably it specifically allows loli, shota, and graphic violence, but disallows any real-life photographic pornography.

Baraag is created by Satori (also known as koi) and supported by Patreon contributions.

It has been promoted as a safe haven for content of "problematic" ships.[1]

While primarily focused on artwork, there has also been a good amount of short-form fic published on Baraag, as well as commentary/meta.[2]


In the runup to the Tumblr NSFW Ban in December 2018, Baraag's userbase grew from around 2,000 to almost 5,000 in less than a week.[3]

As of September 2019, there are 23,461 users, of which approximately 7,880 are active.