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Journal Community
Name: Bandslash Mania
Date(s): Created 1 May 2007 - Last updated 20 September 2016
Moderator: 1842, airinshaw, misspamela, shoemaster
Founder: airinshaw
Type: fanworks/noticeboard
Fandom: Bandom
URL: LJ, archived profile page

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bandslashmania is a FBR/MCR Bandom livejournal community for posting various fanworks, including fic, recs, picspams, and icons.

In March 2008, following a poll of the membership,[1] mods instituted a few restrictions: no posting WIPs until they are complete, only announcements and not the fics themselves should be posted to the community, and rating and pairing information needs to be included.[2] Unlike a lot of bandom comms at the time, bandslashmania did not have any restrictions on fic quality or membership.


As of 2017, the community had 1510 members, 7383 posts, and 4023 comments.[3]

Panic at the Disco appears to be the community's most popular band by fics posted.


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