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Pairing: Balthier x Fran
Alternative name(s): BalFran; バルフラ (BaruFura)
Gender category:
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
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Fan community

As of this writing, BalFran is the most-tagged ship among FFXII works on Archive of Our Own (AO3). It is the most-tagged ship when filtering only for fan works published before the 2017 release of The Zodiac Age.

BalFran is something of a rival ship to Balthier x Ashe, another rather popular pairing. However, there seems to be no animosity between the shippers, and the canon absence of romance in FFXII lends itself to Balthier also having platonic friendships with both characters in fanworks.

Fan works

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Fan art

Bunny & Clyde by GlassShard (Ashley Cope)

Fan fiction

"A Pleasant Kind of Folly" Pre-canon and post-canon

"Over Wood, Under Sky" Deathfic

Music video

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