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Name: Bail Now
Date(s): 2001 (Wayback capture) - 21 May 2006 (last update)
Archivist: Aeshna
Type: character-centric
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: (Wayback)
Bail Now.jpg
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Bail Now is the Bail Organa fanfiction archive.

This is an archive devoted to the Star Wars' series character Bail Organa, last Viceroy of Alderaan and adoptive father of Princess Leia. Present only through Leia in the Original Trilogy, he's making slightly more of a dent in the prequels. But are they really doing justice to a man who, after all, managed to give his daughter more balls than her brother ever grew?

We are always happy to accept more Bail-centric fiction, be it gen, het or slash -- the archive is mostly slash at present but we are always looking to expand our selection! If you wish to archive a fic here, please contact Aeshna and she will be happy to add it to the archive. We do ask that Bail be one of the major characters in anything archived here, though non-Bail-centric stories within a larger Bail-oriented series will be taken for the sake of completeness.

Please note that this archive is intended for ADULTS ONLY. Many of these stories are rated R and NC-17 and as such are not suitable for younger age groups. By accessing this archive, you are stating that you are old enough to legally read such things in your country of abode; we cannot take responsibility for those who choose to disregard this notice. Ratings for individual stories are given in the archive listing and in the story headers.

Sorry, kids, but the smut will still be here when you're grown....