Babylon Is Fallen

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Title: Babylon Is Fallen
Author(s): P.R. Zed
Date(s): September 21, 2010
Length: 29,096 words
Genre: slash, Bodie/Doyle
Fandom: The Professionals, 28 Days Later (2002
External Links:
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*Author's Website
*Author on An Archive of Our Own
*Story Link on An Archive of Our Own
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Babylon Is Fallen is a The Professionals story by P.R. Zed aka PR Zed. It is a slash story with the pairing of Bodie/Doyle. It is a horror story and a crossover with the film 28 Days Later (2002 version). It was written as part of the CI5 Box of Tricks 2010 big bang. The art for this story was created by gblvr.

Author's Summary: "When he awakens from a coma to discover a London destroyed by a zombie plague, Ray Doyle sets out to find a refuge against infection and, so he hopes, Bodie."


This story was recommended by LilyK aka sc_fossil on Crack Van on February 20, 2011: "I admit I'd never read a zombie story before, and I never thought a zombie story in The Professionals world would work. Let me say this clearly: it bloody well works! And works extremely well presented by the talented P.R.Zed. It is scary and bloody and fast paced. Did I mention creepy and nail biting as well? BTW, no knowledge of the "28 Days Later" universe is necessary. I've never seen the movie and had no problems enjoying this fic."