Baby Yoda

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Name: The Child
Status: alive
Fandom: The Mandalorian
Star Wars, Star Wars Expanded Universe
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Baby Yoda was introduced in The Mandalorian, a 2019 live action TV series set in the Star Wars expanded universe. Officially called The Child, this character quickly became better known by his fandom nickname. Many fans and creators of the series, were quick to point out that this character cannot be a younger version of Yoda, and is instead a new younger character of the same species. The fandom moniker Baby Yoda is still the most common way fans refer to this character.


Disney decided not to create any merchandise for Baby Yoda, in an effort to keep the character's reveal a secret. So in the complete absence of merch, fancrafts became popular.

Screengrabs and gifs of Baby Yoda became popular images for memes. Baby Yoda Drinking Soup is probably the best known meme featuring this character, but there are others.

There was also a considerable amount of fanart, and some gen fanfic for this character.

Because this is Star Wars fandom, there was also much discussion about how this character fit in the canon of the expanded universe, and a lot of pushback against the moniker Baby Yoda, from fans who felt this was an inaccurate name to give the character.


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