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RPF Fandom
Scope/Focus: K-Pop
Date(s): 2016-present
See also: YG Entertainment, YG
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BLΛƆKPIИK‎ is a kpop girl group comprised of four members: Jennie Kim, Lalisa Manoban, Rosé Park, and Kim Jisoo.


  • Jisoo is the visual of the group.
  • Jennie is the leader of the group.
  • Rosé is the "goddess" of the group.
  • Lisa is the maknae of the group.

In Fandom

Their official fandom name is BLINKS. Their official fan colors are, of course, black and pink. The two most popular femslash pairings within the group are jenlisa, or Jennie/Lisa, and chaelisa, or Rosé/Lisa (Rosé's real name is Chae Young.)