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Scope/Focus: K-Pop
Date(s): 2016-present
See also: YG Entertainment, YG
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BLACKPINK / SQUARE ONE by TsukinoFleur (2016), fan made album cover

BLACKPINK‎ (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a kpop girl group comprised of four members: Jennie Kim, Lalisa Manoban, Rosé Park, and Kim Jisoo. It's among the most popular K-pop groups, particularly in the Western fandom, and is known for having long hiatuses between releases. The group has won several awards, including multiple Guinness World Records.[1]


Created by YG Entertainment after holding worldwide tryouts for preteen to teenage girls to form a girl group after the successful launch of 2NE1, BLACKPINK's debut was explosive. They were the first girl group to debut with YG in seven years and their first two songs, "Boombayah" and "Whistle," simultaneously held the #1 and #2 on the Billboard World Digital Songs Sales chart after release.[2] This achievement had only been achieved by Psy and Big Bang from YG before BLACKPINK. The group consists of four members, all of whom were selected after years of rigorous competition:

  • Jisoo is the visual of the group.
  • Jennie is the leader of the group.
  • Rosé is the "goddess" of the group.
  • Lisa is the maknae of the group.

The group was created with the idea that the girls would showcase two different sides: their "black" side, representing the more mature and sexy aspects of the group, and their "pink" side, representing their more cute and colorful side. Like many K-pop artists, each of the girls has an additional career as a model and actress. Unlike many artists, however, BLACKPINK seems to be designed with the concept of scarcity. The group has gone through multiple periods where they released very little music, to the point where the group has only released one full album since their debut in 2016[note 1] with the second album scheduled to release in September 2022. This is unusual for a K-pop group as, for comparison, TWICE released three Korean and four Japanese albums in the same timeframe and was formed around the same time as BLACKPINK.


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Like many K-pop groups, BLACKPINK has an official name for their fandom. Fans are known as BLINKS and the official fan colors are, of course, black and pink. While all variations of ships within the group are popular, jenlisa (Jennie/Lisa) and chaelisa[note 2] (Rosé/Lisa). jensoo (Jennie/Jinsoo) and chaennie (Rosé/Jennie) are also popular. Additionally, because of BLACKPINK's immense popularity within the K-pop fandom, the members often show up in BTS fic as side characters. This is evidenced by the fact that on AO3, the seventh most popular pairing in the BLACKPINK fandom is Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung.[3] There is heated rivalry between fans of the two groups, to the point some fans feel you cannot support both; Armyblink would beg to differ.

Hiatus Controversy

Due to the group's scattered releases, much of the discussion among fandom is comparing BLACKPINK's long waits between releases to the mandatory military service that male idol groups go through.[4] Many fans were also dissatisfied with the announcement for the band's second album, given the almost two year wait between new content for the group:

seeing blinks getting satisfied with everything yge does is one of the worst things i've seen in my 6 years around this people

it's almost like some blinks believe if u don't hype the most bare minimum thing yge does you're hating on the pinks and it's NOTHING like that, it's always yge's fault[5]

two years of hiatus did not even change how yg treats blackpink, it's so frustrating bc we don't know what's happening behind the doors but how can the girls accept this, not even the bare minimum on how they should be treated[6]

These same fans were also disappointed that the album's announcement was for an eight song album, which only barely qualified it as a full length album rather than a mini album in Korea. Several fans also complained about the fact that other bands under YG got albums with longer tracklists and more frequent releases, although in general YG artists never release very many albums.[7] For example, Big Bang only ever released three albums in their 16 year long career.

#BLACKPINK goes on hiatus for 2yrs just for them to comeback with 8 songs? Meanwhile, other groups in YG Entertainment get more songs let alone albums. This has been a repetitive thing for the girls and they're the ones bringing in the most revenue for the company!![8]

no but blackpink went on a 2 years hiatus AND THEY GAVE THEM 8 SONGS ONLY???? yg make it make sense[9]




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  1. ^ The group also released "Blackpink in Your Area" in 2018, which was a compilation album consisting of every song released by the group until that point.
  2. ^ Rosé's real name is Park Chaeyoung.


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