Australian Comedian RPF

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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Australian Comedian RPF
Scope/Focus: Australian comedians and entertainers
Date(s): mid-nineties to present
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Australian Comedian RPF is a multifandom fandom centered around prominent Australian comedians and comedy/variety shows.


M*O*S*H was a message board from the late nineties dedicated to discussing the Doug Anthony Allstars and other projects featuring the DAAS boys. Fanfiction, mostly gen and slash, was archived and discussed at the sister board DAASFiction. Also through these boards, fans organised tape-sharing and met up to attend tapings of Good News Week.

By the 2000s, with the three members of DAAS working in new projects with other Australian personalities, and different comedians and comedy groups (notably Tripod) rising to Australian superstardom, the scope of ACRPF fandom expanded. Along with much of wider fandom at the time, much of the fan activity relocated to Livejournal.



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