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Synonyms: CC, Auditions, Auds
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A casting call, shortened to CC, is a call for original character submissions to be used in a fic.[1] The term seems to have been most common in the Newsies fandom.[2]

Auditions serve a similar role and were common in Ficwad's Bandom community circa 2009 to 2013.[3][4][5][6][7][8] They do not seem to appear on any other site.

When people write Fan Fiction and send it out to the list, they generally have other characters in their stories. These people are usually the girls that are dating specific newsies, so they will send out a casting call, and if you want to be in the story, you respond to them (not the whole list) with which newsie you want to be with. But, you have to respond quickly, because the roles are snatched up very quickly.

CB and Storm[9]

Many stories, especially multi-chaptered fictions, require a large cast. Holding a CC is a way for the authors to concentrate on the plot rather than spending extra time making up characters. As such, your character may or may not be featured in the story, and even if he/she is featured, he/she may not have a large part. Ranting about this to the author will not make them use your character more; instead, they will most likely decide very strongly against using the character or delete him/her out of the story if the character has already been chosen.



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