Athelas (Tolkien zine)

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Title: Athelas
Editor(s): Lars-Terje Lysemose
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: Tolkien
Language: Danish
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Athelas is a Tolkien zine in Danish.

Athelas is the finest looking Tolkien fanzine to come out of Europe. Its layout is wonderful, with a great attention to detail and willingness to experiment with centerfold spreads of artwork or music. Possibly one of its greatest assets is that the editor in charge of publishing the Danmarks Tolkienforening's magazine picks and chooses from some of the finest artwork across half a dozen countries, including the Polish illustrator Ma/gorzata Pudlik and once well-known TS artist Tom Sherry (whose earlier, rougher style has matured wonderfully---so why isn't he drawing for Amon Hen?). A good way to judge a fanzine is by its letter column, and by the looks of it, Athelas is doing something right with a lively and informative one. There are plenty of news items, reviews and announcements.[1]

Issue 8

Number 8 (Hrmve 1995) "This issue is loaded with terrific pen and ink artwork of varied styles: from Sergei Iukimov's exquisite "Mnm the Petty Dwarf" (which is very reminiscent of W.W. Denslow) to Jxrgen Mathiasen's "Bilbo's Last Song" (who does a terrific job integrating text and illustration). There is also an illustrated musical setting for "Bilbo's Last Song". The major article in the issue is "Tolkien's univers: genre, fortfllestil og livsanskuelse" ("Tolkien's universe: genre, narrative style and outlook on life"). And, as a final item, we are treated to an illustrated review of the Faeroese translation of Farmer Giles of Ham. Although the magazine is written in Danish, Imladris (Danmarks Tolkienforening) does publish an English edition of its best I hope to read what I have been missing. 44 pages, A5, Danish"[1]


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