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Pairing: Asuka Langley Sohryu X Shinji Ikari
Alternative name(s): Asuka X Shinji, LAS, Shinsuka
Gender category: M/F (het)
Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
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Asushin is the name of the Evangelion pairing between Asuka Langley Sohryu and Shinji Ikari.


It is significant in the anime as it has a very prominent role in the story, especially in the movie End of Evangelion.

The series ends with Asuka and Shinji alone on a beach together as Asuka is the second person returning from Instrumentality, some time after Shinji. Shinji chokes Asuka for unclear reasons while Asuka caresses him back in a tender manner, reminiscent of his mother's caress a few minutes earlier, which makes Shinji stop. Asuka then utters her famous "kimochi warui" line, which has an ambiguous meaning of "I feel sick" or "How disgusting". The movie ends on an open-ended note about whether they will survive and get closer or not.

Shinji and Asuka have clear sexual attraction towards one another, as Shinji masturbates to Asuka in the beginning of EoE, and according to Asuka, who has acquired Shinji's memories, he has in fact done it before, and Asuka constantly teases him sexually and otherwise. Asuka also displays jealously and interest in Shinji many times. Shinji and Asuka kiss, at Asuka's provocation, in Episode 15, though Shinji stands still and doesn't return the kiss, or reject it, a fact which angers Asuka. During Episode 22, Asuka's expanded mind rape sequence makes it clear that she longs for Shinji's attention and is frustrated at him. [1] Shinji puts himself in harm's way for Asuka and displays concern for her, and spends much of EoE asking for her attention. Both Shinji and Asuka are however hesitant to get close to not only to each other, but all other characters, a prevalent theme throughout the series. They have a less prominent relationship in the Rebuild movies as Rei has a lot more space in Evangelion 2.0 and Kaworu is prevalent in Evangelion 3.0, although Asuka seems to have some sort of lingering feelings towards Shinji. Evangelion 3.0 ends with Asuka and Shinji, followed by Rei, travelling along the ruins of Tokyo-3.


Asushin is a possible pairing in all Evangelion videogames that feature such a possiblity, though this is often (but not always) also possible for many other pairings, mainly Reishin and Kawoshin, such as Girlfriend of Steel 2 and Shiji Ikari Raising Project, though it is the only pairing featured in games with non-branching story-lines like the Nintendo DS Petit Eva game. In the official manga adaptation, Asuka's personality is changed and there is a lot more attention given to Rei and Reishin, however the manga ending again features Asuka and Shinji, although they meet in a new world and have no recollection of the events from before, though they seem to have a faint memory of one another. It is also featured in official spin-off manga such as the manga version of SIRP, Evangelion ANIMA, Petit Eva, again with Reishin and Kawoshin usually also present, as well as occasionally more unconventional relationships involving Shinji with Misato, Hikari or Mana. Angelic Days features an Asushin ending, the only instance of a spin-off ending with Shinji actually ending up with someone. In general, Asushin is the pairing with the most numerous licenced material overall, though Kawoshin, Asurei and Reishin are also very common.


Asushin is popular in the fandom and shared popularity with Reishin during the years preceding the release of the new Rebuild movies, however with the new movies and particularly after Evangelion 3.0, Kawoshin has largely taken over Reishin's popularity, as well as Rei's own popularity giving way to Kaworu's. It is somewhat controversial among some sectors of the fandom as some fans consider it to be abusive or toxic, yet other fans see Asuka and Shinji as foils of each other and their relationship as constructive to their characters and full of potential. Whether their relationship is of enemies, co-workers, friends or potential sexual and/or romantic partners is heavily debated, however the large role they have in the series and to explore the themes and narrative of the show means it is hard to talk about Eva in general and not mention their relationship.

Fanfiction and fanart featuring the pairing is prevalant, as are doujinshi, comics and manga, both of a sexual and non-sexual nature (Asushin has far more significant non-H doujins like Epilogue of Evangelion). Asushin tends to dominate the most popular fanfiction in, but isn't as popular in AO3. However, A/S fanfics in FFN tend to have far more reviews and favorites, and are far more numerous overall. Asushin was always popular in the fandom, however in the early 2000s the fandom was very divided over it and Reishin. Reishin fell in popularity over the mid and late 00s,but rose again after Evangelion 2.0, which featured it prominently. After 3.0, Reishin declined in popularity, and a larger portion of the fandom started shipping Kawoshin, however it has also declined in popularity, whereas Asushin remained popular throughout those periods, and Reishin is seeing something of a resurgence. [2]




Common Asushin doujinshin authors include Kuro Tengu, Monkey's Taste, Pengel, ReDrop and Mantou. Those include many non-H and story-focused doujins, largely absent from other ships.



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