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Pairing: Asgore Dreemurr/Toriel
Alternative name(s): Asgoriel
Gender category: het
Fandom: Undertale
Canonical?: Estranged and separated spouses in canon
Prevalence: Common
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Asgore/Toriel is an Undertale pairing involving Asgore Dreemurr and Toriel.


Asgore and Toriel's relationship is first revealed to the player while exploring New Home, which is a grayscale duplicate of Toriel's home; Asgore confesses that Toriel left him out of disgust for his plans to collect human souls. He desires to reconcile with her, and is shown to have kept many mementoes of their relationship (such as their first place nose nuzzling trophy from 1998), but admits that his hopes of resuming their romance are probably just wishful thinking. Toriel is hostile towards him when they come face to face again in the True Pacifist ending; Asgore expresses the desire to be friends again. During the game's end credits Asgore is shown working on the gardens of Toriel's school. It is not clear whether they ever formally divorced or if they are still legally married and are just separated, but Toriel requests not to be called by Asgore's surname while texting Frisk.

According to one of the True Lab tapes and monsters who knew them at the time, while they were married Asgore and Toriel were an overly affectionate couple even in public, calling each other by pet names ("Gorey" and "Tori", "Fluffybuns"), nuzzling noses, and being generally "insufferable" in the words of Gerson. Also according to Gerson, their behavior embarrassed their son and foster child.

There is an event during the postgame walkaround where Alphys asks Frisk whether they think Asgore and Toriel will get back together, and the player can answer either yes or no. In conversations with his friends over Twitter in the days of early fandom, Toby Fox indicated that at least for now, Asgore and Toriel resuming a romantic relationship is unlikely.


Many fans do hope that Asgore and Toriel will reconcile, though the ship is subject to a great deal of wank and bashing between the presence of anti-shippers, Asgore being a common target of character bashing all by himself, and ship warring with Sans/Toriel. However, the ship is a common background pairing in Sans/Reader fics so as to peacefully remove Toriel from the running as a romantic rival to the reader insert character.

Some fans who are interested in Asgore/Toriel express that they are only interested in it in a precanon context.

Asgore/Toriel vies with rival ship Sans/Toriel for ninth and tenth most popular Undertale ships on AO3; as of March 2018, Asgore/Toriel is currently ninth most popular, with only a few tagged works' difference.

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