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Fanfiction Mailing List
Name: Arrested Development Fan Fiction
Date(s): Mar 30, 2004 - present
Founder(s): Stef
Fandom: Arrested Development
Scope: any
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Arrested Development Fan Fiction is the fanfiction mailing list for Arrested Development. It's the sister site to ArrestedDevelopmentFox

"This group is for fans of the show Arrested Development who love the show so much that they want to expand their fan horizons by venturing into the world of Fan Fanfiction. No, matter if wish to write or read you are welcome aboard. Writers would always be a bonus though because of course without writers what are we reading? LOL Though if wish to only be a reader that is fine.

All fanfiction types are accepted. But we do ask for all fan fictions to be label for content. Examples TV-PG-DSL, TV-14-DSL, etc. Even TV-M or NC-17 (Which ever label makes you feel better, PG or PG-13 works as well. But, the TV ratings are a little more descriptive. But the way you label is debatable. Just label! Heh...we might even get a TV-G fic once in a while... LOL)

We all know Arrested Development is show for teenagers and adults... So, do expect that many fics might reflect that... But then again at times things one person sees as innocent, might be offensive to others. So be considerate! LOL, we all want to have fun here. If you are too young or not allowed to see certain things, don't, or proceed at your own risk. List warning will be included in a set of rules given to all new members...and every month for good measure. So, no one can say we didn't warn you. So no suing! Please?

Speaking of each...the good old disclaimer...

Oh one more important note! No flaming! Most likely the writers here will come from different backgrounds of different styles, experiences, likes, and opinions. Constructive Criticism is accepted and welcomed when noted by author. Be nice!"

As of December 22, 2015, the mailing list has 211 members.