Arcana: A Dragon Age Zine

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Title: Arcana
Editor(s): Lauren Ashizawa, Caitlin Scannell
Type: art anthology
Date(s): 2017
Medium: print, digital
Size: 184 pages, 7.5" x 10"
Fandom: Dragon Age
Language: English
External Links: Indiegogo, Tumblr
Arcana - A Dragon Age Zine.png
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Arcana is a Dragon Age art anthology published in 2017. It features 184 pages of full color art, with "72 unique character illustrations and codex entries based on the 72 cards in both the Major and Minor Arcana suites."


With the ability to create your own character, the Dragon Age series offers players the chance to craft their own unique adventure. Many fans take that a step further, exploring their Wardens and Inquisitors through art, fanfic, comics, and more. This zine is a celebration of the passion and creativity that goes into these characters, with the artists and writers behind them creating their own tarot cards and codex entries like the ones found in the game.
The book itself is an estimated 184 pages in length, with 72 full color illustrations of each of the cards in the Major and Minor Arcana as well as coinciding codex entries. It will be softbound, at 7.5" x 10" and with gold foil detailing on the cover. All book orders come with a digital DRM-free PDF of the book, which can also be ordered separately.


We have fifty-four amazingly talented artists and writers who have contributed to the project, both collaborating and working independently.

Aimo, Alex Lillie, Amanda Shae, Andrea Cely, Ann Chovi, Anna Pan, Annalise Jensen , Apollo, Caitlin Scannell, Destiny, Dianula, Elaine Tipping, Elemei , Eline, Emi, Eri Vermeersch,Erika Hollice, Fanny Rodriguez, Hannah "Bear/Burr" Herkert, Hannah Lawler , Hanna Schroy, Isabelle Chauvet, Ivan F. , Jackie Lee, Jasmine Young, Jenna , Jessica Taylor, Jojo , Jolyn Sandford, Kai M. Archuleta, Kay Fine, Kiku Hughes, Laskull , Laura Guglielmo, Laura R, Laura Taylor, Lauren Ashizawa, LaVonne Marshall , Ling, Limpstella , Mary Fountaine, Max Dlabick, Momo, Natalie Padberg Bartoo , Phineas Sargent , River-bird , Siona , Susana Gonzalez, Vir Ghilani , vlwv, Xfreischutz, Yotty Kim, Zackary Doy


All profits from the zine will go directly to the ACLU!