Araxdelan's Slash Site

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Name: Araxdelan's Slash Site
Owner/Maintainer: Araxdelan
Dates: 2000 or before - 11 June 2001 (last update)
Type: author site
Fandom: The X-Files
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Araxdelan's Slash Site is a M/K slash site. It hosts the fanfiction of Araxdelan and seven other authors, all of whom are passionate about Mulder and Krycek.

Hosted authors are Abbie, Aris, Broken Angel, Eider, Janus, Lissa, Raietta.

Features include a few rants by Araxdelan and the rec site A.S.S. Recommendations.

The site is a member of the M/K Slash Ring, the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and the Pretty Boy Slash Webring. The associated update list is ASSupdates, founded Jul 23, 2000.