Anti-Evil!Thranduil Campaign

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Name: Anti-Evil!Thranduil Campaign
Owner/Maintainer: P.Rico (AKA Sarcastic Elf)
Type: character defense
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
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Anti-Evil!Thranduil Campaign (AE!TC) was a fan campaign against the fanon of evil!Thranduil. It featured fics portraying Thranduil in a positive light.

After reading The Hobbit I was rather confused as the why so many fan fiction authors portrayed Thranduil as a total jerk, to put it lightly. He was abusive, greedy, a drunkard, temperamental, and loved to torment poor Legolas. I though, 'surely this must have some basis in canon for so many people to portray him as such.' Well, it appears that poor Thranduil is the victim of libelous propaganda! It's time for defenders of the Elvenking to take a stand and spread the word that Thranduil IS NOT EVIL! Join the "Anti-Evil!Thranduil Campaign"!

Slash and Mary Sue stories were not eligible for AE!TC because of a lack of basis in canon.


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