Anomie (Sherlock vid)

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Title: Anomie
Creator: charmax
Date: 9/2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:12 minutes
Music: People Are Strange - Infected Mushroom Remix
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Footage: Sherlock (BBC)
URL: vid announcement post on Dreamwidth, vid announcement post on LiveJournal, streaming on YouTube

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Anomie is a Sherlock (BBC) vid by charmax that was shortlisted for "Achievement in Use of Music" and "Achievement in Vidding" in the 2010 The Fourth Wall vidding awards.[1]

Vidder's Summary: A faceless city where everyone is a stranger.

Recs and Reactions

  • "I love everything about this vid: The way Sherlock is presented as the outsider, disconnected, observing. The way you see through his eyes, experience his disconnection. The way you almost never see anyone's face. [...] The way you see the people in pieces, as components, no more and no less than all the other pieces of the city that surround Sherlock. And the ending. Oh my god, that ending, where Watson is the first - the only - connection for Sherlock, where he literally knocks him out of his observer's distance."[2]
  • "The vid is so professionally put together, it feels like something that you'd see in the DVD special features. [...] I just love the attention to little detail shots, which fall into fantastic contrast with the bigger city shots. [...] cutting into a closer shot of a clip is one consistent editing device in this vid, which makes sense both visually and thematically, inviting the viewer to look closer because obviously Sherlock himself is looking closer.[3]
  • "This vid is so incredibly polished! From the concept of trying to find one's purpose and place in the world, to how the song is expressed on all levels, the vidder's meticulous attention to image composition, musical elements, and narrative flow shine through here. It's just masterfully made. [...]
The use of overlays and crossfades throughout do a wonderful job of setting scene and emotion, creating a beautifully unsettling flow of images that put the viewer in the same mindset as the characters. [...]
It's amazing how well Charmax can establish POV while showing so little of Holmes or Watson, especially early-on. [...] The bulk of the images are not them - but it's their world, which is even more powerful. That speaks to the vidder's strong grasp of the characters and the fandom, but speaks equally to her skill in showing those things in a creative and effective way."[4]
  • "Anomie is such a good vid. [...] wow - it's inspiring."[5]


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