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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Anniversary Story
Author(s): Speranza
Date(s): 2000
Length: 4847 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: Anniversary Story @ AO3

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Anniversary Story is a Jim/Blair story by Speranza.

It was published in the zine Tribe of Two and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

Forget roses and Godiva chocolates, the day some debate-team champ tries to win my heart armed with a pie chart and cue cards is the day I'll give my heart away. That's right, I'm abstract and overly objective and I have an "argue the boys into bed" button, dammit. [1]
A fun little romp, with only a sprinkle of angst. Blair returns home to a moping Jim... and a pretty nifty surprise. Good Blair. Predatory Jim. Can we say: Let's get this check to go, please?[2]
Francesca's Anniversary story has made it to the net; I remember reading it in Cin's copy of Tribe of two and giggling a whole lot, and that held true for the reread, too. Jim, trying to get his point across to Blair, is utterly charming. "This is why you don't talk a lot, isn't it?" Tee hee.[3]
Anniversary Story is classic Francesca. I LMAO on that one. Here's a sample of what you have to look forward to...:
"God, you're a mountain," Sandburg murmured softly. "I feel like fucking Edmund Hillary."
"Forget him," Jim muttered, suckling Sandburg's earlobe. "You're with me now."
They are such *men* in this story! A hysterical first-time story.[4]
I'm following justacat's lead and pointing you toward a delightful little story from the uber-talented Francesca, a/k/a Speranza.

For whatever reason, "Anniversary Story" is a little gem that, somehow, has been overlooked by quite a few people who think they've read 'everything she's written.'

And you really shouldn't overlook it: it has the snappy dialogue, the non-wimpy!Blair, the gruff-on-the-outside-yet-mushy-on-the-inside!Jim, the "hey, you know what? We're in love" conceit that's used a lot because, particularly for Jim and Blair, it fits.

Plus, you know - it's hot. Not NC-17 (click around her page for a while; you'll find some, trust me), but it does feature a kiss both delicious and delightful.

Now, then - off with you. You have reading to do.[5]
I came into the fandom in perhaps an odd way: I found the fics before the episodes. I had no idea The Sentinel even existed until I stumbled upon Allaire Mikhail's wonderful "Storyteller's Campsite", looking for something else, and found fantastic recs for a whole pile of fandoms, TS included. Francesca's work was some of the first stuff I read, and so I am starting with a fic from amongst her many and varied, but always excellent, work.

Francesca is rightly famous for her series, but actually I prefer her stand-alone stories. Anniversary Story is a treat from start to finish. The voices are absolutely spot-on, the dialogue hilarious, the scenario entirely believable. But I also adore the way that she has completely captured the mess of contradictions that is Jim Ellison, a man so up-and-at-'em in his professional life but in his personal life so cursed by doubt and hesitation. In this story a chance remark jolts Jim out of what he believes to be his comfort zone and into contemplating a massive step forward. The whole story is told from Ellison's POV, a spot-on inner dialogue of doubt and frustration mixed with exasperation in equal measure.

Completely adorable. Oh, and it has the best mountaineering joke in all of fanfic.[6]
I think most people who've come to the fandom in the last decade got here through the fanfic--many times through a crossover. What's amazing to me is how many continue to be loyal to the guys for years. And the wealth of wonderfully written stories is phenomenal. You recommended one of the stories I love to re-read and recommend. I love when they are both a little clueless but sincere. Hooray for Sandburg Appreciation Day! [7]
This is one of my favourite stories,too. Every time I'm in Wagamama's I think of yucky udon and it cracks me up.[8]
No sex in this one, but a lovely story (though with a perhaps less-articulate-than-canon Jim?) [9]


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