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Name: Anne Kustritz
Also Known As:
Occupation: teacher, acafan
Medium: talks, articles
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Anne Kustritz is an acafan who works on fan fiction cultures, spaces, identities, and texts. She received her PhD in American Culture from the University of Michigan in 2007, and her BA in cultural studies and psychology from the University of Minnesota in 2001. She teaches courses on television, transmedia, and fan culture, as well as gender studies and queer theory.

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Other Publications

Selected Presentations

  • Invited lecture: “Fan Production as Transmedia Extension: Narrative Experimentation in Fan Fiction and Fan Vids,” Transmedia Serial Narration Seminar, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, June 14, 2013.
  • Invited event and lecture: “Queering the Screen: Vids, Representational Politics, and Sexuality,” Empire State College, February 17, 2011.
  • Invited event and lecture: “Fandom, Fanvidding: Consumer Participation in Popular Culture,” Sponsored by the Gender Studies Research Group, Queens College, Kingston, Ontario, February 8, 2011.
  • Invited discussant, plenary roundtable “Free Speech Versus Copyright Autonomy: How the 'Fair Use' Doctrine Can Free Copyrighted Materials for Scholarship and Teaching” at the Popular Culture and American Culture Associations Conference, April 8–11, 2009.
  • Invited Lecture: “Remixing Gender and Sexuality: An Introduction to Fic, Vids, and Other Appropriative Pleasures.” Sponsored by The Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, April 7, 2009.