Anne Higgins' Bonding Universe

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Name: Anne Higgins' Bonding Universe
Owner/Maintainer: Raonaid
Dates: 2000-2002
Type: slash fanfiction, AU, Shared Universe
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
URL: (Wayback)
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Anne Higgins' Bonding Universe is a website dedicated to Anne Higgins' Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Alternate Universe, known as 'Bonding Universe' from the story where it was introduced: 'Bonding Through the Years.'

The site was hosted by GeoCities and it was a member of the Star Wars Slash webring.

Canon: 'Bonding' Stories by Anne Higgins

Bonding Through the Years

Summary: Qui-Gon delivers a baby and finds himself in a soul-bond. This story starts from Obi-Wan's birth to shortly after the events in 'TPM', where Obi-Wan is 25 years old.

Bed Rest is Boring

Summary: They've survived Phantom Menace, now they need to heal and tie up some lose ends.

The Care and Feeding of a Bondmate

Summary: During the trip from Dagobah to Coruscant, Qui-Gon reflects on Obi-Wan's protective nature.

Stories Set in the 'Bonding Universe' by Others

shared universe guidelines

'First Parting' by Raonaid Summary: After delivering a baby and finding a bondmate, Qui-Gon must leave him two days later.

'Bazodee' by Laura JV Summary: Mace Windu copes with losing his lover to Obi-Wan. Set 10 months after Obi-Wan's birth.

'Patience' by Rogue Summary: This is where all that Jedi patience training Qui-Gon ever learned comes in real handy. Forget the Dark Side - What about an adamant three-year-old?

'Cute and Cuddly' by Marguerite Muguet Summary: The 3 year old imp is being cute.

'Qualla Frost' by Athea Summary: Qui-Gon deals with a stubborn four year old Obi-Wan about his food likes and dislikes.

'Field Trip' by Angelica Summary: Four year-old Obi-Wan goes on his first field trip. Qui-Gon finds the roles reversed, as he waits for Obi-Wan to come home. But nothing ever goes as planned. New!

'Why?' by Tatsu Summary: Ever had a child ask you ‘why?’ - over and over again? Qui-Gon is having one of those days. Set when Obi-Wan is five years old.

'Impus Interruptus' by Tatsu Summary: Qui-Gon meets up with an old friend, and Obi-Wan feels left out. This is a companion piece to "Why?". Set when Obi-Wan is five years old.

'Impus Interruptus, Part 2' by Tatsu SUMMARY: Obi-Wan is jealous of Qui-Gon’s friend, T'Lara. The imp becomes a brat. Set right after 'Impus Interruptus', when Obi-Wan is five years old.

'Comfort' by Athea Summary: Qui-Gon returns from a mission and needs a little comfort from his six year old bondmate.

'Shaping the Present' by Marguerite Muguet Summary: The title says it all. Obi-Wan is around seven years old.

'Sibling Rivalry' by Tilt Summary: Can little Obi-Wan and Xanatos learn to get along? Can they stand to share Qui-Gon? Some nasty aliens might help. Set when Obi-Wan is nine years old.

'Menelaus' by Laura JV Summary: Mace Windu has some problems teaching a ten year old Obi-Wan.

'The Nature of Trust' by Mre Summary: Obi-Wan helps his bondmate deal with the fall of Xanatos. Set when Obi-Wan is around ten years old.

'Ties That Bond' by Saraid Summary: Qui-Gon accompanies Obi-Wan on a visit home. Set when Obi-Wan is twenty-one years old.

Playing in Anne's Sandbox

Anne has graciously allowed anyone to create their own stories set in her alternate universe. She has some stipulations, though. Stories that do not meet these criteria will not be posted to this site:
1) Agreeing not to throw a fit should Anne chose to contradict an author's story or version of events in the 'Bonding' timeline. Anne's stories are canon for this universe; everything else is written by others who were inspired by Anne's stories, but are not necessarily anything Anne will incorporate into her series.
2) The stories must be set during Anne's existing 'Bonding' stories. (i.e. no stories set after her most recent 'Bonding' story) She is writing the sequels, and there is a good chance anything someone else writes will seriously divert from her universe. The object here is to write *within* Anne's universe, not create a new one. [...]
In addition to the above, Anne has written a series of Bonding Universe Writers' Guidelines which detail her understanding of the characters of this universe, their relationships, and general questions about the Bonding Universe. Please review it! If nothing else, it's bound to give you ideas for stories!