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Are you looking for the fanzine publisher Ankh Press?

Title: ANKH
Publisher: Gemini Press, then Colonial Enterprises
Editor(s): J.R. Janoski
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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ANKH is a gen Battlestar Galactica 59-page fiction anthology by J.R. Janoski with pen and ink illustrations by Frances Mao and Don Lewis. All Apollo-centric "stories which deal with the desire to live and the reasons why life must go on."

  • Death Wish (13 pages) (Does he have one? What choice will he make?)
  • Echoes of Ragnar (25 pages) (A strange cult is at work within the fleet, Apollo, Starbuck, Boomer, Sheba, and Carsle join the cult to investigate . Will they leave alive?)
  • Cain’s Daughter (20 pages) (Apollo and Starbuck have crash landed on a planet—and old friend comes to their rescue—but was he in time for Apollo?)