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Name: Anime North
Dates: 1997-present
Frequency: Annual
Location: Toronto, Canada
Type: Fan run
Focus: Anime
Founder: Donald Simmons
Founding Date: August 9, 1997
URL: Anime North
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Anime North is an annual fan run convention focusing on anime and manga, taking place in Toronto, Canada.


Anime North began in 1997 as a one-day mini convention, hosted by a club from the University of Toronto.[1] Over the years it grew to a full weekend event. The con is entirely fan run, and in 2012 required 700 volunteers.[1] As of 2016 it was the fourth largest anime convention in North America.[2]


Panels cover a variety of topics. Panels focus on different anime series, the voice actors and the artists who create anime and manga.[3] A large portion of attendees are cosplayers so there are many panels on costume creation.[4]

Other events include the Anime North Music Video Competition, guest autograph sessions, the All-Star Charity Auction, the Momiji Award (with brunch), Anime Improv, "Super Hardcore Anime Wrestling" (a co-production with GCW) and Yaoi North.

Con Reports

2007 convention:

What I found to be better about Anime North’s masquerade was a more spacious green room and more help available to the cosplayers. Like the stage ninjas being available to pick up things you leave/drop onstage, offering to carry off cosplayers who died in their presentations, and giving warnings if people get too close to the edge of the stage. The MC also came around to speak to people and go over entry forms. And they brought in some food for the participants.[5]

2012 convention:

Considering that Anime North is the biggest anime convention in Toronto, it’s a little disappointing that there aren’t more industry representatives leading discussion panels[6]

2015 convention:

While it’s not unusual to see a lot of cosplayers at any convention, I had never seen so many people in costumes in one concentrated area until I went to Anime North. Costumes are a massive part of the experience, and the grounds near the event were filled with thousands of cosplayers posing for cameras or chatting it up with their similarly-dressed peers.[7]

Vids Fans made about Anime North