Animal Husbandry

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Title: Animal Husbandry
Author(s): casspeach
Date(s): 18 September 2005
Length: 27,500 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Animal Husbandry (author's page)
Animal Husbandry (sga_flashfic)

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Animal Husbandry is a John/Rodney story by casspeach.

Summary: Dr Rodney McKay is the new veterinarian in town, and his bedside manner leaves a little to be desired. Can his no nonsense love win the heart of lone cowboy John Sheppard, a man determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past?

Recs and Reviews

animal husbandry, by casspeach. sheppard/mckay, nc-17, au. this is a long, wonderfully-written sweet wallowy harlequin challenge in which veterinarian rodney moves to rodeo-rider john's small town. [1]
John's a cowboy and Rodney's the new vet in town. This John is defined by his fierce independence, which in turn is motivated by his determination never to turn into his father. Money issues, intimacy issues, rodeo riding, pride swallowing, and growing up. [2]


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