Anglofans Unlimited

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Fan Club
Name: Anglofans Unlimited
Dates: around 1989
Country based in:
Focus: British media (Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Blackadder, Blake's 7...)
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Anglofans Unlimited is a fan club for fans of British media that was based in Rochester, New York.

1989 flyer

From an ad in Herne's Stepchildren #1: "If you have a taste for all things British, then try Anglofans Unlimited. As the name indicates, there's no limit on the areas we cover: TV, films, plays, books, and even British culture. For a membership of $5.00 a year, you will receive a package with the club bylaws, a Guide to Fandom and a membership form... Other club activities include Round Robins, a pen-pal network, the English Materials Library, and an upcoming zine, Peers of the Realm."

Club members also received the quarterly newsletter, Plain English.