Andromache of Scythia

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Name: Andromache of Scythia/Andy
Occupation: Mercenary
Fandom: The Old Guard
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Andromache of Scythia, also known as Andy, is a character in The Old Guard. She was portrayed by Charlize Theron in the 2020 film adaptation.

Her name is occasionally given as "Andromache the Scythian", as well as "Andronika"

Canon Overview

Andy is the oldest known immortal, at over 6000 years old. Her exact birth date is unknown, but it is believed to be sometime during the Neolithic period or Bronze Age. She is the leader of The Old Guard, and feels a personal responsibility to protect and look after the other members of her team. In battle, she is often shown wielding her signature labrys, but is proficient with many weapons and styles of combat.

She mentions having had a mother and sisters, but can no longer remember their faces.

In the comics, Andromache is canonically bisexual; in the films, it is implied that she has had a romantic relationship with Quynh as well as slept with Rodin.

Common Tropes

  • Baklava - in the film, Andy seems to have a deep appreciation for baklava (a sweet pastry originally from the Ottoman Empire but now common throughout the Middle east and other areas), to the point of being able to identify the geographic origin of a particular piece by its ingredients and flavor. Some have claimed that baklava is "Andy's true love".


Femslash pairings are the primary ones for Andy, namely Andy/Nile Freeman and Andy/Quynh.

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