And So It Goes (The Professionals vid)

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Title: And So It Goes
Creator: Rhianne
Date: 2003
Music: "And So It Goes" by Billy Joel
Genre: slash, Bodie/Doyle
Fandom: The Professionals

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"And So It Goes" is a The Professionals slash vid by Rhianne. The pairing in this vid is Bodie/Doyle.

This was recommended by Justacat on Crack Van on November 26, 2004:

"There are so many fabulous, unbelievable Pros vids out there (for a comprehensive list go to The Hatstand). Most of them are older and were made before the DVDs were released, and the vast majority of them aren't online. This includes some of my very favorites - for example, the classic Media Cannibals vids - if I could rec any vid at all here, it would be Detachable Penis, from Media Cannibals 3.

I know that many people hoped that the release of the DVDs would give a boost to Pros vidding. I don't think that's really happened, at least not on the scale we might have liked - but lucky for us, there have been some wonderful Pros vids made relatively recently, and some of these are online. I spent some enjoyable time sifting through them this evening. Most I'd seen before, but not And So It Goes, though I'd downloaded it months ago. I clicked on it tonight expecting something pleasant, but I had no idea I'd be moved so much, almost to teariness (not a usual state for me!). Oh, this vid pulls your heartstrings. The vidder's summary is "Bodie loves Doyle from afar" - and really, that's what it's all about (though the ending holds some promise, at least for a hopeless happily-ever-after OTPer like me, that it might not always be from afar).

I'm not a vidding expert, and I don't know all the technical techniques or terms - but to my uneducated eye (and ear), the music is perfect for the theme, both the mood and the lyrics, lovely and wistful and moving, and the vidder's choice of clips and the techniques she's used, whatever they're called, do it justice. To me this vid represents the best of both worlds: it uses newer technology and vidding techniques, but not for their own sake, not so that you notice them; at heart it's a good old-fashioned fannish vid, with the total focus on the characters. Which really is what I love best, particularly in this fandom.

I can only hope that we'll be seeing more like this, from her and from other vidders."