Ancient Musings

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Title: Ancient Musings
Publisher: Ancient's Gate
Editor(s): Cleo the Muse
Date(s): 2013, 2015
Medium: e-zine
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Ancient Musings is a gen and slash e-zine of Stargate SG-1 fanfiction that is sold only in digital format "Designed for viewing on computers, tablets, and eReaders, this digital zine has built-in bookmarks and table-of-contents links for each of the stories." The editors also note that "this zine is not printable, as the resolution is too low for printing."

Vol 1 (2013)

cover of Vol 1, uncredited at publisher's website

Volume 1 was published in July 2013 and contains 280 page of stories and art with some of the stories never appearing on the Internet before publication. The cost is $10.

From the online flyer: "Enjoy gen fic from Cancer, DennyJ, and Eilidh17, Jack/Daniel slash from annO, Carlyn, and Marzipan77, and kid fic by amberfly and Cancer. With artwork from Cleo the Muse, Eilidh17, Magnavox_23, and Pat/Kat, this zine is available in digital format only (PDF)." No tables of contents is listed on the publisher's website.

Vol 1 (2015)

Another Volume 1 was available in April 2015. How much overlap, if any, between the two is unknown.

This description is from the publisher: "A compilation of gen, kidfic and slash stories, art and cartoons by some of the featured members of the Ancient Musings site. AnnO, Amberfly, Eilidh, Carlyn, DennyJ, Magnavox, Marzipan, Cleo, and Cat Xander. 281 pages. Previously available on Ancient Musings."