An Unkindness of Ravens

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Name: An Unkindness of Ravens
Owner/Maintainer: Ken Hart
Dates: 1996 to present
Type: tribute page
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: An Unkindness of Ravens
An Unkindness of Ravens
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[1]An Unkindness of Ravens is Ken Hart's Forever Knight web page—a small tribute to the series from the perspective of a member of the Raven/ettes faction. The name of the webpage comes from the word for a group of ravens.

Site Contents

The webpage contains the following:

  • basic information about Forever Knight, focusing on Janette.
  • links to Forever Knight sites
  • links to vampire-oriented sites
  • links to sites with "suitable" music

Site Design

An Unkindness of Ravens is a single web page, with a striking crimson tapestry background over which shifts the central panel containing the text. This has a dull puce background colour that tones with the background tile. A simple white-dot divider bar is employed throughout, giving a unified look to the page.

The site logo features the "Raven" symbol from the Raven nightclub in Forever Knight, which is also the faction symbol for the Ravenettes. Two blue-toned pictures (one with the FK logo, the other a screen capture of Nick and Janette) are used to illustrate the page.

Site History

This webpage was originally part of "Ken's Evil Spider-Web" (, a multi-focused personal website belonging to Kenneth Hart. The site counter on An Unkindness of Ravens dates visitors from 8 November 1996; and the webpage was first archived shortly thereafter. Some time after August 1997, the site was moved to its current location. It was last updated 11 December 2006.

The original version of the website is archived on the Wayback Machine. It is complete, with all the graphics.


  1. ^ The contents of this article are largely copied from the article "An Unkindness of Ravens" on the Forever Knight Wiki.